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  • What are the Top 3 Fundraising Ideas for your Organization?

    Sports Fundraisers

    Sports Fundraising Ideas

    Check out the top fundraising ideas for Football, Cheer, Soccer Baseball, Basketball and so many more…

    Church fundraisers

    Church Fundraising Ideas

    Find the right fundraising idea for your Church or youth group. Fast, easy and profitable fundraisers….

    Schools Fundraisers

    School Fundraising Ideas

    These School fundraisers get top marks to help you raise funds for your organization. Students, PTA, PTO welcome….

    Non Profit Fundraisers

    Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

    Proven fundraising ideas for your non-profit group. Your organization will find a fundraiser to reach your goals…

    Welcome to Fundraiser Superstore!

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all 14,000+ schools, sports teams, churches and nonprofit organizations that we helped raise money this past year. We’re proud to report that these organizations celebrated huge success in 2014 and look forward to working with them again on their upcoming campaigns in the New Year. If this is your first experience with the Fundraiser Superstore, we welcome you and we sincerely look forward to becoming your groups preferred fundraising partner.

    Upcoming Events for 2015

    In an effort to increase your success in the New year, we are excited to announce our upcoming 2015 fundraising webinars which have been produced by a team of fundraising experts with over 25 years’ experience. These webinars have been strategically designed to enable our groups to maximize their profits by educating them on how best to choose their next fundraising idea, as well as how to effectively manage their campaigns to achieve optimum results.

  • Scratch Cards

    Our Scratch Cards are the most profitable fundraiser available in the industry. A top fundraising idea for over 20 years!learn more

  • Popcorn

    Our Popcorn comes in gourmet flavors that leaves your customers wanting more. This popcorn fundraising idea has the highest repeat customers...learn more

  • Fall Flower Bulbs

    Watch your Flower Bulb fundraiser bloom with profits. This Flower Bulb fundraising idea helps raise great funds while making your community ...learn more

  • Custom Wrist Bands

    Wear your school spirit and pride on your wrist with this great wristband fundraising programlearn more

  • Cotton Candy

    Every kid will love our cotton candy. A great fundraiser for concession stands or festivals.learn more

  • Lollipops

    Our lollipops are great for schools, sports and churches. They prove to be a great fundraising idea year after yearlearn more

  • Spinners

    Our Spinners was created by experts in the fundraising field with the goal of offering groups a fundraising idea that could be used over and...learn more

  • Auntie Anne's Pretzels

    Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and now with the famous Cinnabon makes this pretzel fundraising idea a great one-two punch.learn more

  • Candle Fundraising idea

    Our Candles make for a great fundraiser. This Candle fundraising idea uses the highest quality grade of waxes. Long burn timeslearn more

  • Discount Cards

    Discount cards are the gift that keeps on giving. Your donors will save hundreds of dollars over an entire year.learn more

  • Snacks

    Choose from a variety of snacks that will leave anybody's taste buds begging for more!learn more

  • Hi-Chew Candy

    Japan’s #1 candy is now available here in the US . This fundraiser will definitely satisfy your taste for profits.learn more

  • Pretzel Rods

    Pretzel Rods are a great alternative to chocolate bars. At $1 each, they are a quick snack and a quick fundraiser to run.learn more

  • Candy Bars Fundraiser

    Either one of our Candy Bars is sure to bring in the profits that your school, church or sports tea...learn more

  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser

    We offer our cookie dough in tubs and in pre-portioned boxes. Our cookie dough is made with the fin...learn more

To learn more about the Fundraiser Superstore, please watch our short video below

  • Our Expertise in the fundraising industry will serve you well! We have offered over 30 different  products since 1993 when the fundraisersuperstore.com was born. We thought that all ideas would be a huge success, however to our surprise, some fundraisers weren’t as well received as we thought and others performed well above our expectations. We now offer 15 different products on our site that have performed the best in the last 21 years. This is not to say that we will not change the repertoire of fundraisers that we currently offer in the future, but these are the best programs that exist today based on our experience. You can choose from our no money up front programs like: Cookie Dough, Popcorn, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Snacks, Candles or Flower Bulbs. If you prefer one of our higher profit fundraisers you have the choice between Scratch Cards, Spinners or Discount Cards. Our last category is for those who would just like to raise funds with a product that has been around since you were born. The fundraisers in this category are: Chocolate Bars, Lollipops, Cotton Candy, Hi-Chew or Gummy Bears. You make the choice! It doesn’t matter which product you choose because they are all proven WINNERS! 
    What people are saying about Fundraiser Superstore
    Why choose the Fundraiser Superstore?

    At the Fundraiser Superstore, we realize that fundraising can be extremely important to your school, church, sports team or non-profit organization’s survival. We also understand that most of your time should be spent playing your sport, practicing, performing and not fundraising. To ensure that your fundraisers run as smoothly as possible, it is very important that you stay very organized. At the Fundraiser Superstore, we pride ourselves in being like no other company. We guarantee that you will not find another site that offers you exclusive state of the art campaign management tools. These tools will simplify and keep your fundraiser organized. They allow you to enter your members sales as they bring back their order taker forms. Our system calculates your costs and shows you the profit your organization has raised. You will be sure not to make any mistakes in under or over ordering and you will know if you have reached your goal instantly.

    Our Fundraising Campaign Management Tools Video
    The following is a short video that demonstrates our fundraising tools, as well what you can expect when managing your fundraising campaigns online.

    You can request one of our free catalog brochures below that is filled with all our ideas to present at your next meeting. We work with so many different sport teams, schools, churches and non-profit groups and can help you find the most appropriate fundraising idea for your organization. Whether you are with a football, a basketball or a high school, we have the right fundraising idea for you. Don't waste your time trying to raise funds with a fundraiser that isn't right for your organization. Call us any time and a consultant who is educated on all our fundraisers can help you make the right choice for your upcoming campaign. We look forward to speaking with you.

    A campaign specialist can help you choose the right product for your school or team and get started quickly and on your way to completing a successful campaign. Even if this is your first time as a volunteer for your team. Our campaign specialists all have over 20 years experience and over 10,000 campaigns each under their belt! You are getting not only top proven products, but the guidance of a seasoned expert! We even have reviews posted on the website for you to see what others are saying about FundraiserSuperstore.

    Over many years and thousands of campaigns, our specialists know what top 3 programs will work best for your team. For every 10 great product ideas that you can sell as a group, maybe one sticks out as extremely popular and successful. You can benefit from our years of experience of knowing which program fits best for your group size and also depending on the time of year. Our videos also highlight each program and shows you how to kick start your campaign. Our goal is for you to reach yours! We eat, breath and sleep fundraising and have the very best ideas that are worthy of your group's attention.

    We look forward to helping your group. We have campaign specialists standing by, ready to help you get started to your road to success!