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      Flower Bulbs Fundraiser

    Art in Nature is a collection of gorgeous spring sensation-flowering bulbs and other garden delights to bring natural beauty to your life!

    These proven garden performers are vigorous and hardy with outstanding color. Easy to plant and care for with intriguing bloom form and encore performances!

    Fall Flower Bulb Fundraisers brought to you by Fundraiser Superstore


    Flower Bulb Fundraising Idea at a Glance

    • Retail Price/Unit: $7.00-$26.00
    • Minimum Order: 25 Packs of Flowers
    • Profit up to 71% with our bonus profit!
    • Everyone Loves Flowers
    • Earth Friendly & Green Fundraising Idea
    • A proven Top Selling Item
    • Non-Perishable & Easy to Run Fundraiser
    • Great For Schools, Churches & Non-Profits
    • Free shipping on all orders over 25
    • FREE online tools only found on the fundraiser superstore to help you keep track of your Flower Bulb sales and profits!
    (Click the image below to learn more) Flower Bulb Fundraiser Campaign Management Tools

    Profit Chart

    Quantities Ordered Profit % *Bonus Profit % Total Profit %  
    25-100 Packs 25% 12% 37%  
    101-200 Packs 30% 12% 42%  
    201-336 Packs 35% 14% 49%  
    337-999 Packs 45% 17% 62%  
    1000-5000 Packs 49% 22% 71%  

    *Bonus Profit: You will receive 1 FREE Spinners booklet worth $210 for every $500 in profit you earn. Use your Spinners booklet with your Flower Bulb fundraiser to earn up to 71% Profit!


     Candle Fundraising Brochure

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