About Us

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The Fundraiser Superstore is a premier fundraising site that offers only tried and proven fundraisers. In 1992, its co-founders started helping organizations raise money with a product they created called Scratch & Help. It took the U.S. by storm. For the next 6 years, they concentrated solely on this product and helped over 40,000 organizations raise just under $50,000,000. In 1998, they began offering other programs on their fundraising site. From 1998-2004, they offered all kinds of fundraisers. Some of them worked better than others. It wasn’t until 2005 that they decided to establish their premier site fundraisersuperstore.com that would only offer fundraisers that had a proven track record. They established a criteria that had to be be met in order for a fundraising product to be featured on the Fundraiser Superstore. High quality, fast reliable delivery, ease of implementation and most importantly a high profit for your fundraising group were used as our guidelines. We will continue to add proven fundraising programs to the Fundraiser Superstore ensuring your satisfaction and fundraising goals.