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    Reach your goals with your Wrestling Fundraising project!! We know from experience that Fundraising for your Wrestling team is something that shouldn’t take away from practice and game time. So you want to run your Wrestling  Fundraising campaign as simple, quick and most importantly… profitable as possible! We have several Wrestling Fundraising ideas for your Wrestling team to choose from for your Wrestling Fundraising program:
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    • Our Scratch & Help books have been a proven  Wrestling Fundraising success for over 16 years! Each Wrestling participant would take one Scratch & Help booklet which raises $100 each. Need more kick for your Wrestling Fundraising needs? Then Spinners is the way to go. Spinners raises twice as much as the Scratch & Help Fundraising booklets, a whopping $200. This Wrestling Fundraising product is re-usable which means each year you can order the coupon refill pads only.
    • Our Cookie Dough Fundraising program is a favorite for our Wrestling Moms! Our delicious gourmet cookie dough make's Grandma's begging for the recipe! A great year round fundraising program. Try selling the Crazy about Cookies during game time at your Wrestling concession stand. You can even just setup a Wrestling Fundraising table and have some team volunteers help out. Just think of the smell of cookies in the air!
    • Snackin' in the USA, is a great snack Fundraising product for your Wrestling group as there is something for everyoine to enjoy. Summer time, Christmas and Spring time is great for these tasty snacks. Wrapped in their individual bags, you can get spicy peanuts,  pretzels, Trail Mix and much more! Snacks are great for your  Wrestling fans as you they can snack in the stands while watching your  Wrestling team play!
    • Also our Pretzel Fundraising with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels has been a proven winner for Wrestling teams and their Fundraising endeavors. The perfect summertime snack, pretzels are a tasty way to go!
    Ultimately, running a Wrestling Fundraising campaign requires an overall team effort for success, the same way a Wrestling team works together on and off the field. With our variety of Wrestling Fundraising variety, you will certainly be successful. Whether you are a High School Wrestling Fundraising program, competing for state championship or just raising funds for your recreational team or summer team, we are here to help you.