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  • Wisconsin Fundraiser

    Choose the best Fundraiser in Wisconsin for your group!! Fundraiser Superstore helps many Wisconsin Fundraiser groups run their campaigns with the most profitable! We realize that running a Fundraiser for your Wisconsin team is something that shouldn’t take away from practice and game time. So you want to run a Fundraiser which has fresh product, is simple & quick and most importantly… profitable! Whether you are competing for Wisconsin state championship or just need a Fundraiser for your local team, we have several  Fundraisers for your Wisconsin team to choose from:
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    • Our Scratch & Help books have been a winner for over 16 years! Each Wisconsin player would take one Scratch & Help booklet which raises $100 each. The coupons inside are geared for merchants in Fundraiser.
    • If you need more kick for your Wisconsin Fundraiser, then try our Discount card fundraiser. With custom merchants located in your town or across Fundraiser it's the fundraiser that saves your donors money all year round.
    • Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser is a favorite for our Wisconsin Moms! Our delicious Crazy about Cookies cookie dough is a year round seller and everyone’s favorite. This Fundraiser can also be sold at the field during games. Just think of the smell of cookies in the air!
    • Also our Pretzel Fundraiser with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels has been a proven winner for Wisconsin teams and their Fundraiser endeavors. The perfect summer time snack, pretzels are a tasty way to go!
    • Ultimately, running a Wisconsin Fundraiser in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer requires an overall team effort for success, the same way a team works together on the field. With our variety of Wisconsin Fundraisers, you will certainly reach your Goals.
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