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Frog Resting and Raising HandLearn More about the Fundraiser Superstore

Frog Resting and Raising Hand

Learn More about the Fundraiser Superstore

Our Expertise in the fundraising industry will serve you well! We have offered over 30 different  products since 1993 when the was born. We offer the top 15 producing fundraising products and ideas on our site that have performed the best over the last 21 years. You can choose from our no money up front programs like Cookie Dough Fundraisers, Popcorn Fundraisers, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Fundraisers, Snack Fundraisers, Candle Fundraisers and/or a Flower Bulb Fundraiser. If you prefer one of our higher profit fundraisers, you have the choice between Scratch Card Fundraisers,Spinners Fundraisers and/or a Discount Card Fundraiser. Our last category is for those of you who would just like to raise funds with a product that has been around since you were born. The fundraising ideas in this category to choose from are Chocolate Bar Fundraisers, Lollipop Fundraisers, Cotton Candy Fundraisers, and/or a Hi-Chew Fundraiser. You make the choice! It doesn’t matter which product you choose, because they are all proven WINNERS!

To futher promote this success with each and every campaign you are running with the Fundraiser Superstore, we will also provide you with easy to use, Online Fundraising Campaign Management Tools that will enable you to keep track of each your members incremental success.